A French-German couple: One year of one life

Series of 12 photographs

An art exhibition, a phone call three years later, an encounter, and Laurent’s 50th birthday.
Silke came to the photo studio in March. The work that followed was to become a birthday gift.

12 photographs for 12 months that recount their life as a couple.
Some months commemorate an important stage of their life. Other months pay tribute to their daily life together.
East Germany, French society, and borders opening up have left a lasting impact on this couple. They asked me to illustrate their highlights, their diversity, their habits, and the years they’ve spent together.

The stagecraft here becomes the voice of their intimacy. 
An image, much more than a word.
They expose themselves and confide in us, but with a sense of decency.

They’re fond of their memories and past. Each detail, each object, has been painstakingly chosen, and witnesses the depth of feeling that resurfaces through them. They draw inspiration from memories of their childhood, family, friends, and their relationship . . .

It’s usually in this secret universe that we put the importance of our roots in perspective. Our roots shape us to a great extent, and make us beings who may then forge an existence as a couple.

This series seems as if it were inspired by a personal diary.

Each of these photographs was staged in this couple’s home. Nothing in their universe was changed. I photographically wrote what they told me, staging this without voyeurism.

The posing is stoic, but the feelings are vivid, and generously poured out.

Image by image, I composed their story by plunging into their journey. However, I feel that for each and every one of us, this may reflect our own experience.

I believe these images are a testament to our times. Our societies are encouraging us to open up to others. The diversity of Silke and Laurent are an illustration of this. As from time immemorial, the status of the individual in society changes, evolves, and astonishes and frightens us. But oftentimes changes simply happen as time goes by.