Memory : a father-time wanderer

Serie of 15 photographs

« You are to pass away twice, You first die a natural death and are bound to die a second one when a photogaph of you is found and no-one is in a position to give you a name »

Christian Boltanski

My present work is to attempt to symbolize this second death. Nine images are enough to make memory fade away.

Yet the art of photography is not only the impossible attempt at pottin and end to the flight of chronos. My belief’s that photography help us save an emotion, a trilling experienced while pressing the release button and it is only during the developing of images that we get back close to those initial thrills.

Developing images allows us to unfurl the emotions kept in the confinement of the dark box and to find them back again. Often for lack of time, we hadn’t had the time to fully live our experiences and we preciously had set them aside.

Then, isn’t photography similar to a journey the flight of which can lead us deep into our inner self.

It is purposely that i suggest you might comtemplate each large image as the outset of a story known to you alone.

Suite accompanied by the Orange 9 pictures

This work has been based upon sympolic elements.

The orange, a symbol of fruitfulness, has been encased into sort of an ice-coffin, frozen water being the symbol of rejuvenation.

The « coffin » keeps us untouched for some time and then starts melting as recollections gradually fade until comes the day when no one can recognize you.

Nine « images » : nine is the last figure of that series of numbers and as such announces both termination and sort of rebirth.

To those who believe in reincarnation, we get here acquainted with the notion of revival and germitnation as well as with the notion of thanatos.

To other persons « nine » is the expression of the end of a cycle, the completion of some wandering, a loop tying and as a consequence death.

According to the gospel, Jesus was crucified at the third hour, then started agonizing at the sixth and passed away at the ninth…

Paradoxically, nine corresponds to the duration of human pregnancy and whenle we are again confronted to the concept of fecundity symbolized by the orange’.