Silent impressions

« Each single wood cutting pulled away from its original the heart of the matter brands the entirety of its either irremediable or necessary absence »
Fabrice Planchat

First and foremost my work is a game in between light and shade, then I turn around blurred outlines which are nothing but a pause for my and your eye.

That blurredness softly guides your gaze to eventually focuss it on that very detail likely to stir emotion.

Photography as an art is food for pondering over the reality of objects.

It emables me to makea halt under the shelter of today’s visual surging and humming. That emotion deep inside me is a contemplative one, I have always been on the book out for creating silent yet telling pictures. Indeed my own entire universe is contained in a smaller celestial sphere and a square size of plates seems to centre both on time and space and make them static.

I’ve always been lead by emotion.

The wood cuttings you may see are so thin that your forefinger can feel your thumb through them.

Maybe it is that « density » to feel through that I’ve been looking for in my quest.

Don’t we ever risk missing our mark in life should we not show ourselves totally conterned about what seems of no consequence ?