Cinderella throws sponge

Serie of 12 photographs – 2012. Obtaining grant Défi Jeune.

“While the Status of Women will be hidden or relativized, as it is not sufficiently taken into account by the State and recognized as a real challenge for society as a whole, it will not evolve. ‘

Our gaze is coded by culture and it is education, footprint of the dominant culture, which partly models the look that brings man to the woman but also the look on the woman wearing it daily obligations eventually even consider them as incumbent naturally.

This look has been so reduced to a body object and “desire – pleasure” of the man, the violence that is done to women in the aesthetics of the body eventually goes for love.

This “soft” violence is deeply rooted in the cultures of the world and it occurs in all socio-economic situations. So much as that millions of women do not feel it abnormal.

It seems necessary, therefore, that the situation of women evolves, Cinderella throws sponge …

Self-deprecating. This is the watchword of this photographic project, which passes through a participatory process of my models.
It’s not them that I photograph, but a stereotype, they know that and play with that.

What they offer the most is their eyes, their role.

In comedy they give themselves and they surprised me.

It is clear these women reclaim their freedom, their identity, destiny and choices.

Hidden behind the images, the men are present, participating in a certain open-mindedness … Shared humor … It’s crazy how happiness can be distributed as one moves from innocence to awareness.